STOCKPLAY: Buying Opportunity - NuElectric Corp.

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Středa Květen 16 04:00:42 CEST 2001

NuElectric Corporation
Symbol: NRGE
Exchange: OTCBB
Recent Price: $1.33
52 Week Range: $.38 - 3.00
Shares Outstanding: 4.7 million
Estimated Float: 1.3 million

Thanks to President Bush, the dangerous level of arsenic in our drinking 
water has become a major issue.In a stunning reversal of their March position, 
the Bush administration announced on April 19th that they favored a substantial 
reduction in the arsenic standards, which will trigger billions of dollars in 
spending. One beneficiary of this boom will be NuElectric Corporation, a pollution 
control company with a patented process for safe arsenic removal.

Timing is everything with low-priced stocks, and we believe there is a real buying 
opportunity for NRGE. The shares hit an all-time high at $3 in August as investors 
anticipated that the new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations would kick 
in by June 2001. Then a bear market deflated prices for technology stocks in general,
followed by the initial March EPA announcement that sent NuElectric shares to a two-year 
low at 38 cents.

We like the fact that NRGE has a small number of shares outstanding, with a tiny float 
of just 1.3 million. The company is debt free, insider ownership is approximately 30%, and 
they are a reporting company. Their business plan is to acquire environmentally friendly 
technologies developed at major universities.  Their first buy out was Clean Water Technologies, 
owner of the process that removes arsenic. NRGE subsequently acquired Zorax, Inc., which 
has a patent-pending technology that extracts Cryptosporidium and Giardia from water.

Our recommendation: Buy NuElectric shares at currentlevels, looking for the stock to 
retest the considerably higher levels reached last year. Contact the company at (727) 942-8938 
for more information.

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