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Hello Dear
Good day to you, I am Lilly Mozembe a Nationality of Democratic Republic of CONGO. I contacted you today consigning my present situation with my family here in TOGO LOME West Africa. I am the wife of late Mr. Johnson Mozembe. My husband is a Defends Minister of Democratic Republic of CONGO and also a businessman in other fields.
Rebels killed my husband during the war with my first son Frank in my husband office. When my husband was alive he disclose to me his Consignment boxes what of $15.000,000 US DULLERS he Deposit with Trident Security Company of Ghana.
This money was Deposited in 2 big metal trunk Boxes as a family treasure not as cash. 
When the war was too much in my country I decided to take my children away to Exile in Refugee Camp of TOGO LOME West Africa very close to Ghana West Africa were my late husband Deposited the fund in a Security Company in Ghana.

I have been able to visit the Operation Manager of the Security Company in Accra Ghana consigning my late husband consignment Boxes Deposited in there company with all the Documents my late husband used to Deposit the Consignment Boxes, and the Operation Manager advised me to have a lawyer that will help me to secure power of attorney for claming of the Boxes. Right now I have got a lawyer and he agreed to help me out of this situation. 
Dear I contacted you to help me and retrieve this Consignment Boxes as my Trustee and help me to invest the fund in your County as a partnership under your care.
I have work out 10% of the total money for you and your family 7% aside for every expense you may come across during the time of transferring this fund to your Country and the remaining 83% is what my family will invest with you in your country. 
For any further information you may need to no please contact my lawyer in Accra Ghana West Africa. I am waiting for your urgent reply here is my alternative E-mail 

Below is my lawyer information 
Anthony Ujah & Associate
No: 24 Odo Street Accra Central Ghana
Tele: 00-233-244-373065
Fax: 00-233-21 - 409656 
E-mail au_barrister na lawyer.com 
OR law_tony na need4seed.com 

Lilly Mozembe

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