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Středa Únor 4 06:07:42 CET 2004

Stock Profile of the Week - NEW ISSUE: SEVI - Systems Evolution Incorporated

Systems Evolution Incorporated (SEVI) is a high technology consulting firm with cutting-edge technologists and integration specialists.  Its seasoned staff, which includes former lead technical officers from other organizations, possesses considerable expertise and multiple certifications in technologies from such industry leaders as Microsoft, Sybase, Oracle, and Novell, as well as innovators such as Plumtree, SAP, and Actuate.

As a Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider® (MCSP), SEVI employs several Microsoft certified professionals. These individuals include Systems Engineers (MCSE), Systems Developers (MCSD), Database Administrators (MCDBA), and Trainers (MCT).

SEI has extensive experience with enterprise-class Microsoft solutions, in the platform implementation of Microsoft .NET servers as well as the development of Visual BASIC and Active Server Pages (ASP). Personnel help maintain our Gold Partner status with Novell.

Also, SEVI was a leader in the Java revolution. SEVI technologists were among the first Java trainers, and its developers achieved early recognition for their usage of server-based Java technologies such as SilverStream application servers and J2EE. Focused on Novell’s application server technology, SEVI’s Sun Java-certified personnel help maintain its Gold Partner status with Novell.

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