fol.low this inves.tment idea on M0nday

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D.ont this inve.stment oppo.rtunity!! COHQ is another h.o.t public t=
ra.ded com.pany that is set to s.oar on Mond.ay, July 19th.

You do.nt believe this?  Well even and profi=
led COHQ in their List of H.O.T compa.nies for Monday. Take a look at the =

Com.pany rel.eased fanta.stic new.s and it is expe.cted that the dem.and i=
s so high that COHQ st.ock pri.ce to 40-50 cents by the end of the w=

BIG PR camp.aign startin.g on 19th of J.uly for COHQ - will exp.lod=
e - Just read the n.ews

P.rice on Friday: 10cents
Next 3 days potential pric.e: 58cents
Next 10 days potential pric.e: 75cents

Get on Bo.ard with COHQ and enjoy some inc.redible pr.ofits in the next 10=

------------------C.ompany I.nformation---------------------------

CorpHQ Inc. operated as an Internet from 1993-2000 and was re=
cognized as the pioneering vertical portal for the small office-home off.i=
ce mar.ket by a number of major public.ations and instit.utions including:=
 the W.all Stree.t Jou.rnal, Entrep.reneur Magazine and the Sof.tware Coun=
cil of Southern California. The company was reorganized after divesting it=
s Internet operation to Inc. in 1999.   

Our busi.ness stra.tegy over the past few years has primarily involved the=
 development, acquis.ition and ope.ration of mino.rity-owned sub.sidiaries=
 focu.sed on con.sumer prod.ucts and commer.cial, as well as=
 the d.evelopment of cons.ulting and other relationships with no=
n-subsidi.ary comp.anies that have demonstrated synergies with our core bu=
sin.esses and where we can add substantial value. 
We assist high-pote.ntial entr.epreneurs in building their compa.nies from=
 concept to po.sitive ca.shflow. We invest our own capital at startup, and=
 later aug.ment our portfolio comp.anies' capita.l with fun.ds from
de inv.estors. Using a 'vi.rtual' vari.ation of a bu.siness incubator proc=
ess, we surround the entre.preneur with our own seasoned manage.ment and p=
rofes.sional teams. We gradually replace our personnel with permanent man.=
agement, until we no longer are involved in operations -- typically at pos=
itive cashflow. Our function is that of a "B.usiness L.aunch," and ou=
r goal is to create quality, high value companies -- one at a time. 
------------------------ N_._E_._W_._S ----------------------------
REDONDO BEACH, Calif., Jul 16, 2004 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- CorpHQ Inc. (COHQ) =
today announced that it had achieved a liq.uidity event by dive.sting a po=
rtion of its eq.uity holdings in a portfolio co.mpany, Safeguard Technolog=
y International, Inc. 

CorpHQ dive.sted an aggre.gate of 1,000,000 sha.res of c.ommon at 2=
0cents per to accred.ited inve.stors in a series of private transa.=
ctions which closed over the past week. Concurrently with the sale of thes=
e sh.ares, CorpHQ made a cap.ital contribution of an additional 1,400,000 = to Safeguard for no additional consideration. Apart from the 200,0=
00 Dollar$ in gr.oss c.ash proc.eeds rece.ived, CorpHQ will realize approx=
.imately 04cents per share increase on all Safeguard sh.ares held by it, w=
hich will substa.ntially increase its fina.ncial perfo.rmance for the thir=
d quarter of 2004. 

Inform.ation within this email contains "f.orward state.ments" wi=
thin the meaning of Sect.ion 27A of the Sec.urities Ac.t of 1933 and Sect.=
ion 21B of the Securit.ies Exc.hange Ac.t of 1934. Any stat.ements that ex=
press or involve discu.ssions with resp.ect to pre.dictions,, expec=
.tations, be.liefs, pl.ans, proje.ctions, object.ives, assu.mptions or fut=
.ure eve.nts or perform.ance are not stat.ements of histo.rical fact and m=
ay be "forw.ard loo.king stat.ements."
For.ward looking state.ments are based on expect.ations, estim.ates and pr=
oject.ions at the time the statem.ents are made that involve a number of r=
isks and uncertainties which could cause actual results or events to diffe=
r materially from those prese.ntly anticipated. Forward statement=
s in this action may be identified through the use of words as: "pro=
.jects", "for.esee", "expects", "est.imates," "be.lieves," "underst.ands" =
"wil.l," "part of: "anticip.ates," or that by stat.ements indi.cating cert=
ain actions "may," "cou.ld," or "might" occur. All information provided wi=
thin this em.ail pertai.ning to inv.esting, st.ocks, securi.ties must be u=
nder.stood as informa.tion provided and not investm.ent advice. Eme.rging =
Equity Al.ert all re.aders and subscrib.ers to seek advice from a=
 registered profe.ssional secu.rities represent.ative before dec.iding to =
trade in sto.cks featured within this None of the mate.rial within=
 this rep.ort shall be constr.ued as any kind of invest.ment advi.ce. Plea=
se have in mind that the interpr.etation of the witer of this newsl.etter =
about the news published by the company does not represent the com.pany of=
ficial sta.tement and in fact may differ from the real meaning of what the=
 news rele.ase meant to say. Please read the news release by your.self and=
 judge by yourself about the in it.
In compli.ance with Sec.tion 17(b), we discl.ose the hol.ding of COHQ s.ha=
res prior to the publi.cation of this report. Be aware of an inher.ent co.=
nflict of interest res.ulting from such holdi.ngs due to our intent to pro=
.fit from the liqui.dation of these shares. Sh.ares may be s.old at any ti=
me, even after posi.tive state.ments have been made the above c=
ompany. Since we own sh.ares, there is an inher.ent conf.lict of
 in our statem.ents and opin.ions. Readers of this publi.cation are cauti.=
oned not to place und.ue relia.nce on statements, which =
are based on certain assump.tions and expectati.ons invo.lving various ris=
ks and uncert.ainties, that could cause results to differ fro=
m those set forth in the forw.ard- looking state.ments. 
Please be advi.sed that within this em.ail shall cons.titute a so=
lic.itation or an offer to buy or sell any s.ecurity menti.oned her.ein. T=
his news.letter is neither a regi.stered inves.tment ad.visor nor affil.ia=
ted with any or dealer. All statements made are our express opinio=
n only and should be treated as such. We may own, buy and sell any securi.=
ties menti.oned at any time. This report includes stat.e=
ments within the meaning of The Pri.vate Securi.ties Litig.ation Ref.orm A=
c.t of 1995. These state.ments may include terms as "expe.ct", "bel.ieve",=
 "ma.y", "wi.ll", "","und.ervalued" and "inte.nd" or terms. =
This news.letter was paid $7500 from th.ird p.arty to se.nd this report. P=
P.ANY. You may mon.ey from inve.sting in Pen.ny St.ocks.

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