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Nomad International Inc. (NDIN)
A multi-national Internet Communications Company developing cost 
effective telecommunications through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) 
Shares Outstanding: 34,O0O,00O
Float: 4,0O0,000
Current Price: 0.O8
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Breaking News!!

May 25, 2OO5ˇV Nomad International Inc. (NDIN) announced today it has 
entered into a letter of intent to provide an exclusive license to its 
VoIP products with LMB Technologies Inc. for the Caribbean market which 
includes Bermuda.

The terms of the letter of intent include a 2O% royalty payable to 
Nomad of the gross revenue generated by LMB Technologies Inc. of any sales 
and other revenue generated from the license. Additional consideration 
payable to Nomad includes 2O% of the common stock of LMB Technologies 
Inc. which will seek a public listing of its common shares in the U.S 
market as soon as practicably possible.

The acquisition of the license is subject to the parties entering into 
a definitive agreement and to both the due diligence and board 
approvals of LMB Technologies Inc. and Nomad International Inc.

Pursuant to the proposed acquisition, on closing, LMB Technologies Inc. 
would pay 20% of its common stock to Nomad International Inc. as 
consideration payable for the license and would agree to pay 2O% of the gross 
revenues generated from any activities related to the license exclusive 
to the Caribbean market.

ˇ§The Caribbean market is one in which our technology has the 
0ppOrtunity to potentially gain market share through our ability to provide VoIP 
services over dial up networks. We are please with the distribution 
relationships of LMB Technologies Inc. and hope to see our products in the 
Caribbean market commercially in the short term.ˇ¨, stated Jan Olivier, 
CEO and Chairman of Nomad International Inc.

May 18- Nomad International Inc. (NDIN) commented today on the recent 
announcement by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications 
Commission (CRTC) that they would regulate Voice Over Internet Protocol 
(VoIP) service only when it is provided and used as local telephone 

In its decision, the CRTC determined that in an effort to build 
sustainable competition in local telephone markets, the incumbent carriers 
will not be permitted to price their local VoIP services below cost to 
stifle competition.

"The ruling is a very positive one for Nomad in our efforts to enter 
the Canadian market with our products via Internet Service Providers, 
cable companies and virtual operators. The ruling permits us to enter the 
market with a competitive framework," stated Jan Oliver, CEO of Nomad 
International Inc.

The key to Nomad's entry into the VoIP market is the ability of its 
products to Offer services to both broadband and dial-up customers. Though 
broadband is gaining more and more acceptance and utilization 
worldwide, dial-up remains the primary source of internet connectivity. In the 
U.S. alone, there are over 200,000,OO0 users of the internet. Of the 
total users in the U.S., the total number of users of broadband is only 
approximately 40,0O0,0O0; (stats by the Yankee Gr0up) dial-up therefore 
represents approximately 8O% of the entire internet connectivity market. 
The percentage of dial-up versus broadband users worldwide is even 

Nomad's ability to 0ffer VoIP products to dial-up customers and service 
providers not only offers significant potential for market penetration, 
but also sets the Company apart from its competition in the marketplace 
by offering a unique, proprietary and easily adaptable product.

About Nomad International Inc.

Nomad International Inc. is a multi-national Internet Communications 
Company developing cost effective telecommunications through Voice over 
Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies. The Company's revolutionary VoIP 
product line called NOMAD SYSTEMS that has Dial-up, Broadband, DSL, 
Cable, Satellite and Wireless capabilities. The Company plans on 
targeting: 1) National fixed line II & III Tier carriers which are interested in 
effectively competing with the dominant carrier in their marketplace, 
2) Large multinational corporations which need to have US or European 
presence by having, (for example), a United States number ringing in 
their offices in Guatemala or London -- offering business partners a more 
economical way to communicate, and 3) Immigrants in North America, a 
means of significantly lowering their communication expense with their 
relatives in their country of origin. 


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