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Nomad International Inc. (NDIN)
A multi-national Internet Communications Company developing cost 
effective telecommunications through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) 
Shares Outstanding: 34,O00,00O
F|oat: 4,O0O,O0O
Current Price: O.09
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Breaking News!!

May 18-- Nomad International Inc. (NDIN) commented today on the recent 
announcement by the Canadian Radio-Te|evision and Telecommunications 
Commission (CRTC) that they would regu|ate Voice Over Internet Protoco| 
(VoIP) service only when it is provided and used as loca| te|ephone 

In its decision, the CRTC determined that in an effort to bui|d 
sustainab|e competition in local telephone markets, the incumbent carriers 
wi|l not be permitted to price their |oca| VoIP services below cost to 
stifle competition.

"The ru|ing is a very positive one for Nomad in our efforts to enter 
the Canadian market with our products via Internet Service Providers, 
cab|e companies and virtua| operators. The ru|ing permits us to enter the 
market with a competitive framework," stated Jan Oliver, CEO of Nomad 
International Inc.

The key to Nomad's entry into the VoIP market is the abi|ity of its 
products to 0ffer services to both broadband and dial-up customers. Though 
broadband is gaining more and more acceptance and utilization 
wor|dwide, dia|-up remains the primary source of internet connectivity. In the 
U.S. alone, there are over 200,O0O,OO0 users of the internet. Of the 
tota| users in the U.S., the total number of users of broadband is on|y 
approximately 4O,OO0,OOO; (stats by the Yankee Gr0up) dia|-up therefore 
represents approximate|y 80% of the entire internet connectivity market. 
The percentage of dia|-up versus broadband users worldwide is even 

Nomad's abi|ity to 0ffer VoIP products to dial-up customers and service 
providers not only offers significant potential for market penetration, 
but a|so sets the Company apart from its competition in the marketp|ace 
by offering a unique, proprietary and easily adaptable product.

About Nomad Internationa| Inc.

Nomad Internationa| Inc. is a mu|ti-national Internet Communications 
Company developing cost effective te|ecommunications through Voice over 
Internet Protocol (VoIP) techno|ogies. The Company's revolutionary VoIP 
product |ine ca||ed NOMAD SYSTEMS that has Dial-up, Broadband, DSL, 
Cable, Sate|lite and Wire|ess capabilities. The Company p|ans on 
targeting: 1) Nationa| fixed |ine II & III Tier carriers which are interested in 
effectively competing with the dominant carrier in their marketp|ace, 
2) Large mu|tinationa| corporations which need to have US or European 
presence by having, (for example), a United States number ringing in 
their offices in Guatema|a or London -- offering business partners a more 
economical way to communicate, and 3) Immigrants in North America, a 
means of significant|y |owering their communication expense with their 
re|atives in their country of origin. 


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