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Radar Alert. Add SIKY to your radars and watch like a hawk.
Major Pr Campaign starting right now!
Do not take your eyes of SIKY!

Sticky Web, Inc.’s (SIKY:PINKSHEETS) an intellectual property company with key Internet, software and business method patents in e-mail, e-commerce, internet software and technologies.

The first patent “METHOD FOR MANAGING BULK E-MAIL DISTRIBUTION”, patent number 6,631,400, was issued by the USPTO on October 7, 2003.  The second patent "METHOD FOR DEVELOPING ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS EMPLOYING MULTIPLE DISPLAY REGIONS", patent number 6,771,291, was issued by the USPTO on August 3, 2004.  There are six patents issued and pending.


The 6,631,400 and 6,771,291 patents cover industries with over $10B in annual revenue.  The e-mail patent, number 6,631,400, represents a whole industry with approximately $10 billion in worldwide annual revenue that protects the logical steps in e-mail management and distribution. Patent no. 6,771,291 protects the way people interact with and create electronic documents by using multiple screens or windows.

(Are they trying to tell us something?)
The recent settlement between NTP vs. RIM-BlackBerryŽ (RIMM.NASDAQ) and Burst Technology, Inc. (BRST.PK), and the ongoing battle with Eolas Technologies, Inc. vs. Microsoft (MSFT.NASDAQ) has leveled the playing field allowing the small inventors the same patent licensing benefits that large corporations have always enjoyed.
$450M-RIM/BlackBerryŽ and NTP.  Inventor NTP settles for $450M.
$521M-EolasTechnologies/Microsoft.  Inventor Eolas wins judgment for $521 M, Microsoft continues to appeal.
$60-Burst.com/Microsoft  - Inventor Burst settles for $60M. 
These three patent enforcement actions and settlements typify those that have been successfully brought by the individual inventor and small business against industry leaders. 

Is SIKY ready to enforce their patents too?  This could be a great watch! Keep a keen eye out for upcoming news!

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