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Sobota Březen 18 19:35:23 CET 2006

Stock recommendations on short-term trading 
 .........PREMIER INFORMATION (Other OTC:PIFR.PK)...... 

Climbs 100% plus since its IPO, just signing an agreement with TOP 10 in-surancee company in US (AccuQuote). The company is pleased and proud to be working with a wide range of clients that includes in-surancee industry leaders Transamerica In-surancee and John Hancock In-surancee, as well as leading online in-surancee br0ker AccuQuote. 
We Do Not See this slowing down. Must boom on Monday, pay attention on it! 

Come in here: more info: http://finance.yahoo.com/q/h?s=PIFR.PK&t=2006-03-18T05:31:54
Must CHECK IT, before Monday.

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