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IZON Price Climbs Another 27% Since Thursday, After Recent Announcements

InZon Corp Revolutionizes Online Media Broadcasting
New Technology Reduces cost and Increases Performance

InZon Corporation
Trading As: IZON
Last: $0.70
Price Up: over 27% Since Thursday
7 Day Proj: $1.35-$1.45
30 Day Proj: $1.75-$2.00


InZon Corp. is the new stock on our watch.

After recently acquiring SAE Group in Aug 2005 including all assets 
and technologies, IZON has been laying quite while developing a new 
technology that will revolutionize the Online Media Broadcasting market. 

Two Announcements this month have sparked our understandable interest. On 
March 6, 2006 IZON announced the expansion of its network by 400% which 
has paved the way for the announcement that has brought this Alert to you.

IZON released at end of day yesterday that they have completed their 
development of a new software that allows Online Broadcast Companies to 
better utilize their networks thus reducing their highest expense while 
at the same time increasing the quality of broadcasts allowing them to 
offer more HD (High definition) broadcasts over the Internet.

Said inZon's CEO, David F. Levy, "our DBA technology provides media 
organizations with significantly greater network utilization..... to offer 
more content in a high-definition format, we expect to capture a significant 
number of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Video Broadcasting customers for this product." 

This technology will completely change what Tier 1 and Tier 2 providers 
are able to offer to the clients in service and quality, and over all continue 
advance the technology that has made the internet the most powerful information 
medium on the planet.

Members make no mistake, this company is going places and fast. Once this news 
hits the market we believe IZON is going to take off. make sure you read the 
recent news releases and review the website. Most important, don’t let this one 
pass you buy. IZON is set to BUY.

Just read about this great company and see for yourself why we are so excited.


inZon Corporation is a global communications corporation with three distinct 
divisions; VoIP Telecom, Digital Media and Wireless. The Company utilizes VoIP 
technologies to provide complete voice, fax, data and conference call services 
on an ASP platform using its own worldwide hybrid VoIP/TDM network, which uses 
leading edge monitoring and management software to thoroughly evaluate 
profitability in real-time and employs dynamic routing that enables the system 
to immediately react to changing network conditions and reroute based on 
predefined criteria. Its Digital Media division was established to leverage 
inZon's VoIP network platform and infrastructure to provide transport for 
broadcast video content. inZon's Wireless division utilizes software developed 
by its VoIP division to provide VoIP services to wireless applications. 

For more information, go to www.inzon.net.

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