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For Immediate Release

Falcon Energy, Inc.
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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 19, 2006 (PRIME ZONE) -- 
As part of the commitment of Falcon Energy, Inc., a Nevada Corporation, to keep 
investors informed of its status and activities, the company is providing this 
investor update.

Gas production continues steadily from Falcon Energy's Richmount Westlock property 
in Alberta, Canada. This opportunity has proven itself out as the property and 
investment have benefited from the surge in natural gas prices since the well was 
first tied in May of 2005. The market price (NYMEX) for natural gas at that time 
was approximately $6.50 per MMBTU but in the last year prices stayed over 10.00 per 
MMBTU for a 5 month period with several spikes above the $14.00 range. The company 
is pleased that the investment continues to provide consistent revenue for the company 
and its shareholders.

Falcon Energy Inc. has also announced that due to the confirmed addition of its mining 
exploration properties in Mongolia, that it will shortly be expanding the executive team 
to assist in managing this new opportunity. Details will be forthcoming.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 17, 2006 (PRIME ZONE) -- Falcon Energy, Inc. 
is pleased to announce that the granting of exploration licenses for five mining properties 
in Mongolia has been finalized. These licenses will be held for a minimum of three years and 
grant Falcon Energy, Inc. access to the mineral rights for the 
licensed properties.

Falcon Energy, Inc. had recently sought the mineral rights to these significant properties 
in the mineral rich region of Mongolia. Falcon Energy's interest in the region is driven in 
part by the anticipation of deploying modern prospecting methods to an area that abounds in 
both base and precious metals.

The five licensed areas are:

8825E - The Duhum Hujirt License Area
8454X - Tsagaan Tolgoi Copper/Gold Project
9997X - The Huld License Area
9996X - The Har Tolgoi License Area
9668X - Hutagt License Area

Exploitable mineral resources found in the area in which the licenses are held include: 
Gold, base metals such as Copper, Molybdenum, Lead and Zinc as well as Fluorite and Uranium.

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