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Howard didn't think he needed that much time but Richard insisted he did. Robin said that she should have given away one free one and let the word spread. He's had some negative things to say about Spike as well.
He put Bo under and left her on Howard's lap for a short time as she was sleeping.
He said he was worried about her yelling about the Nazi guy and stuff.
Richard made his rounds hugging everyone.
He played the clip he had of one of those calls.
King to take her out of the hypnosis. She also talked about her lawyer suing Rupert Murdoch over the use of her Sqrat character that she believes FOX stole from her. He said that they did the auctioning thing and then introduced him.
Howard thanked Ivy for coming in and said he was going to take a break.
King put her back under and told her that she was going to want to protect Howard from the rest of the girls in the room.
Then this drunk guy got nude and jumped in the pool naked. George said that he heard he was in town but didn't hear from Artie.
Howard said that WWOR is putting a lot of money into this Clint Holmes show but he knows that it's going to fail.
Howard and the guys talked about Clay Aiken not coming out of the closet and even George said that it's like neon flashing lights around him saying that he's gay. This update was written later in the week since I was kind of busy on Christmas day. He said that Richard came over to his house and he was playing with his daughter's Barbie dolls within minutes of getting there. Richard threatened to walk out but stuck around.
Nice'' and no one goofs on him. Richard said he's been sending her presents and has asked her out many times. Then the guy wasn't going to move out when she wanted to rent it to someone else. He's shot 2 episodes already and has more to do.
That person forwarded some mail to Howard about Fred so he could read what Fred has been blocking. He said people have weird reactions to him too. Gary blamed her because she had to put out a cigarette and then spoke to Stuttering John out in the hall. She said she wanted her 3 year old son to have a wonderful year.
Howard took a call from a guy who asked him if he thinks he gets invited to these parties because they want Beth there and not so much him.
Howard had to take a picture with Dr. George said that was on Jimmy Kimmel's show and they had people trying to guess who he was.
Robin said that she should have given away one free one and let the word spread.
Artie said she must be one of those student doctors who looks like Giselle Bundchen. Gary eventually found a woman, Lenore, to sit with Santa but as soon as Fred started talking, she laughed and said she would stand to talk to him.
The guys talked about how long he's been on radio and how much money he must be worth. They started coming into the party and no one knew what their deal was. He also said he wants him to suck a ton of cock.
They can be in charge of the technical part of what goes on in there from now on. He said that they had a nice conversation for a few minutes.
Howard said the guy was in Robin's lap and he was putting out more than the girls did earlier.
He continued to play a few more farts until Richard told him to stop.

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