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the dictionary, and then I  find it means the latter. There are lots of suchwords  and they are a great torment.  To  increase the difficulty there  arewords which SEEM to resemble each other, and yet  do not; but they make justas much trouble as if they did. For instance, there  is the  word VERMIETHEN
but  at the same time  it is a great  distress to  the new  student, for  it
   The congregation responded in a timid inarticulate gabble, above which rose Deacon Bradleys loud voice, -- Our soul is escaped even as a bird out of the snare of the fowler. The snare is broken and we are escaped. He read the responses in a slow, booming roar, at least half a sentence behind the rest, but the minister always waited for him. As he finished, he saw the sexton standing in the open door. A little more steam, Jehiel, he added commandingly, running the words on to the end of the text. 

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