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 he would have had 2,100 feet, the NTSB said. Instead, the pilot was flying closer  Board said the wind, coupled with the pilot's inability to turn sharply, forced the   before flying back to California. If the pilot used the full width of the river to turn,  battling a wildfire was July 1994, when 14 were killed near  ttempted a U-turn with only 1,300 feet of room for the turn. To make a successful turn,
Oyler has any links to at least 40 fires in the area since May, according to an
Critical Care Inc.
BRAKING N E W S hit wire after market close
This co is shooting skyward
4 day campaign underway
Get in before the rush on Tuesday Feb 20th
Currently priced at: .80
Expected: .00
Get in before Market open and ride it all week

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