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  Man! You have got one satisfied customer here. You see I used your firm  to completely Dispose of all of my $53,000.00 in credit card bills. I was given the opportunity to terminate all payments immediately without using bankruptcy, counseling, or bank counseling. Now, I'M {%ROT
F:C:\elim mailer#01 6-28-06\Rotate 14 - back in control.txt%} and ALL of my high-interest bill due, penalties, and fees are gone Legally and justly Forever.

  You are reputed to be the best in the industry you are right! I will be telling all my relatives and officemates to call you. They would be crazy not to get in touch with you straight away. Thanks again, you have made life much brighter for me.

  John C. in TX

  Contact us at: 561_282_9476
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