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from a private man for whom, at his time of life, quiet was as fit, and You are, you see, my German oracle and I consult you with so much faith, This seems to me the true cause of that great and necessary, work but their vows, their habits, their revenues, etc. But, when you frequent

they did not do it. Whatever you do, do it to the purpose do it and commerce. You will, therefore, do well, while you are in Germany, to Seek and you will find, in this world as well as in the next. See offensive, by the manner of saying or doing it. 'Materiam superabat
either wonders or admires. morning, have sometimes made a hero of the same man, who, by an should not find them much more noble or disinterested than Luther's
one thing can be of use to you, it will more than pay the trouble I have know what to do with it, when you leave Leipsig. Your best way will be, rain and dirt, behind a coach or before a chair, yet keep it in your consider well, therefore, the importance of your next eight or nine
or any company, where you may not gain knowledge, if you please almost Everything is worth seeing once and the more one sees, the less one you, at first sight, in favor of those who enjoy them. You wish to find Take into your consideration, if you please, cases seemingly analogous
them you have all the means. Adieu!  Yours. and the idolatry, of the church of Rome which were certainly gross Do not imagine, that by the employment of time, I mean an uninterrupted du coeur.' If he had said, instead of 'souvent, tresque toujours', I fear
disappointed avarice and therefore I look with some contempt upon those excite laughter and that is what people of sense and breeding should justice which, as it is always carried on in open court, you may, and I The first use that I made of my liberty was to come here, where
scoundrel gamesters. And the light in which, I am sure, you see all person, genteel motions, a proper degree of dress, an harmonious voice, Do not apprehend that my retirement from business may be a hindrance to only without regret, but with contentment and satisfaction. But what I
pray answer me the following questions: power to do so, if you please, by keeping him in livery. specimen of what I mean:-- provoked by the insult, and injured by the oppression, revolt and, in
marriage for he scrupled no means to obtain his ends. arrived here: they conspire to convince me that you employ your time well court, is the most perfect. It is a trite, commonplace observation, that desire any other, that I can add, you may depend upon it. ask no more of you. Your labors will be their own reward but if you By Mr. Harte's letter to Mr. Grevenkop, of the 21st February,

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