change your size from S to XL

Latulippe Jim Sotelo na
Úterý Leden 9 11:24:02 CET 2007

Greet dude

Don't tell me why your ramrod is so small,
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     'Just a moment! ' cried Kuzmin.  ' What about  the milk? Did she bring
the milk? And the saucer too? '
     'She must have had a saucer and a bottle of milk in her bag and poured
it out here,' explained Xenia Nikitishna.
     'At any rate remove the  kitten and the  saucer, please,'  said Kuzmin
and accompanied Xenia Nikitishna to the door.
     As  he  hung  up his  overall  the professor  heard laughter  from  the
courtyard. He looked round  and hurried over to the window. A woman, wearing
nothing but a shirt, was running across the courtyard to the house opposite.
The  professor  knew  her--  she was called Marya  Alexandrovna. A  boy  was

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