Yo, Smallest sausage of the year, how are you? :-)

Ollino Stormester Lin na anterra-hk.com
Středa Leden 10 05:37:36 CET 2007

Hello Sir

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They are pretty sure that bigger meat will make their desire
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No bullshit.

mess for Poplavsky. A long spark of light flashed in front of  him, then  he
had a vision of a  funeral procession on a  May afternoon and Poplavsky fell
     When he reached the  landing he  knocked a pane out of  the window with
his foot and sat  down  on  the  step. A legless chicken  rolled  past  him,
disintegrating  as  it  went. On  the  upper  landing  Azazello devoured the
chicken-leg in a flash,  stuffed the  bone into his pocket, turned back into
the flat and slammed the door behind him.
     From  below  there  came  the sound of  a man's cautious  steps  coming
upstairs. Poplavsky ran down another  flight and sat down on a little wooden

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