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Jarrett Jordanka Malin na luathletics.com
Čtvrtek Leden 11 05:32:08 CET 2007

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receiver. ' At your service, my dear Ivan Savyelich! Just tell me what I can
do for you. What is it? '
     'I'm sorry ... is Stepan Bogdanovich Likhodeyev at home? '
     'Alas, no, he isn't,' cried the telephone. ' He's gone out.'
     'Where to? '
     'He went out of town for a car-ride.'
     'Wha-at? Car-ride? When is he coming back? '
     'He said he just wanted a breath of fresh air and then he'd be back.'
     'I see . . .' said Varenukha, perplexed. '  Merci.  .  .  please tell
Monsieur Woland that his act this evening starts after the second interval.'

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