LOL man, why your thing is so small? :-)

Brunson Brenden Dutton na
Sobota Leden 13 11:07:44 CET 2007

Hello man

I don't care why your prick is so small, but 75% of women do.
They are pretty sure that bigger schlong will make their desire
stronger. You have the chance to change your life.

Here you can get the thing.

It will help you for sure.
The remedy can be sent worldwide.
If you wont be satisfied - we will return all you money.
No bullshit.

     'Excuse me. Comrade Bezdomny! ' replied the face, blushing, retreating
and already wishing it had never let itself get involved in this affair.
     'No,  I  don't  care  who  you are--I  won't excuse you,'  said  Ivan
Nikolayich with quiet hatred.
     A  spasm distorted his  face, he rapidly switched the  candle from  his
right to his left hand,  swung his arm and punched the sympathetic  face  on
the ear.
     Several  people  reached  the  same  conclusion  at   once  and  hurled
themselves at Ivan. The candle went out, the horn-rims fell off the face and
were instantly smashed underfoot. Ivan let out a dreadful war-whoop audible,

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