Are you still with short one-eyed monster? ;-)

Colaiacomo Josh Smith na
Pondělí Leden 15 08:11:07 CET 2007

YO man

Don't tell me why your ramrod is so small,
I will better help you to make it really Bigger!

Why bigger? Because over 70% of all women need a longer
sausage to satisfy their desire!

Go there and get your solution:

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up  with its front wheel in  the air. After  a  few rounds on the back wheel
alone,  the man stood  on his head, unscrewed  the  front wheel and threw it
into the wings. He  then carried on  with one wheel, turning the pedals with
his hands.
     Next a fat blonde girl, wearing a sweater and a very brief skirt strewn
with sequins, came in riding a long metal pole with a  saddle on the top and
a single wheel at the  bottom. As they met the man gave  a welcoming cry and
doffed his bowler hat with his foot.
     Finally a little boy of about seven with the face of an old man sneaked
in  between  the  two adults  on a  tiny  two-wheeler to which was  fixed an

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