Why so small ramrod man?

Pedersen Leon Rozsnyai na cmmspr.com
Úterý Leden 16 22:27:54 CET 2007

YO dude

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unusual  phenomena. Paling even more, he stared and thought in consternation
: ' It can't be!'
     But alas it was,  and the tall, transparent gentleman was  swaying from
left to right in front of him without touching the ground.
     Berlioz was so overcome with  horror  that  he shut  his eyes.  When he
opened them he saw  that  it was  all  over, the  mirage  had dissolved, the
chequered  figure  had  vanished and  the  blunt needle  had  simultaneously
removed itself from his heart.
     'The  devil! '  exclaimed the  editor.  ' D'you  know, Ivan,  the heat
nearly gave me a stroke just then! I even saw something like a hallucination

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