Yo, Smallest ramrod of the year, how are you? :-)

Sergey Martin Brondos na lt05.net
Středa Leden 17 21:23:28 CET 2007

Hello buddy

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themselves and now he realised that it was lost forever. He only had to lift
his head up from the lamp and look at the sky to see that the night had gone
beyond return. Waiters were hurriedly jerking the cloths off the tables. The
cats pacing the verandah had a morning look about them. Day broke inexorably
over the poet.
If next day someone had said  to Stepa Likhodeyev  'Stepa! If vou don't
get  up  this minute you're going  to be shot,' he would have  replied  in a
faint, languid  voice : '  All right, shoot me. Do  what you like to me, but
I'm not getting up! '
     The worst of it was  that he could  not  open his eyes, because when he

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