Bigger Size Bigger Pleasure

Saguer Georg Santiago na
Pátek Leden 19 19:20:04 CET 2007

Greet buddy

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     'He throws no shadow! ' cried Rimsky in a silent shriek of despair. He
shuddered helplessly.
     Following  Rimsky's horrified stare Varenukha  glanced furtively  round
behind the  chairback  and  realised that  he  had been found out. He got up
(Rimsky  did the same) and took  a  pace away from the  desk,  clutching his
     'You've  guessed, damn you! You always  were clever,' said  Varenukha
smiling evilly right into  Rimsky's face.  Then he  suddenly  leaped for the
door and quickly pushed  down the  latch-button on  the lock. The  treasurer
looked  round  in desperation, retreated towards the  window that gave on to

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