Where did you get so small schlong?

Wan Hafiz Mimo na empressneon.com
Neděle Leden 21 18:54:44 CET 2007

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     'Which  department issued this passport?' asked the cat. There was no
     'Department four hundred and twenty,' said the  cat to itself, drawing
its paw across the  passport  which  it was holding upside-down.  ' Well, of
course! I know that department, they  issue passports to  anybody who  comes
along. I  wouldn't have given one  to  someone like you. Not on any account.
One look  at your face  and I'd have refused! ' The cat had worked itself up
into such a temper that it threw the passport to  the ground. ' You  may not
attend the funeral,'  went on the cat in an official voice. ' Kindly go home
at once.' And it shouted towards the door : ' Azazello! '

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