he-he man, why your meat is so small? :))

Cvetkov Jessica Gai na comradesiberians.com
Úterý Leden 23 07:25:03 CET 2007

Greet sir

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boulevard  behind  a  ragged  garden,  fenced  off  from  the   pavement  by
wrought-iron  railings. In winter the paved front courtyard was usually full
of shovelled snow, whilst in summer, shaded by a  canvas awning, it became a
delightful outdoor extension to the club restaurant.
     The  house was called ' Griboyedov House  ' because it  might once have
belonged  to  an  aunt  of  the  famous  playwright  Alexander   Sergeyevich
Griboyedov. Nobody really knows for sure whether she ever owned  it or  not.
People  even  say  that  Griboyedov  never had an aunt  who  owned  any such
property. . . . Still,  that was its name. What is more, a dubious tale used
to circulate in Moscow of  how in  the round, colonnaded salon on the second

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