Lafaille was not in radio communication with the Sherpa climbers at his base camp, so they were unable to shed light on what happened.

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When we got to the Hillary Step, I was not at all sorry to find it in fabulously easy condition.
So after a week skiing in the Cripple Knee drainage, we decided we needed to search out bigger game.
May 12: Viesturs Summits Annapurna: At approximately 2 p. In 1996, their work on the IMAX film was suspended while Viesturs and the rest of the IMAX film crew pitched in to help rescue survivors of the storm from the higher camps.
The wonder, as May began to stretch on a bit, was that we were not dealing with the jet-stream winds that normally make Everest climbing so challenging in the Spring season.
I was third in our line of three climbers, and after taking ten steps, I suddenly found myself face down and being swept backwards. We have more filming  to do, so we will descend today and get back to work after a little celebrating.
And you don't know what you're going to find until you go there.
Waiting at home, Viesturs's wife, Paula, had listened to her own silence through a terrible, sleepless night, until she became convinced that her husband was dead. It was great working with this group of friends, everybody that was working on this project. Iceland's traditional industry is fishing, so seafood is reasonable and incredibly tasty.
If something were to go wrong on the mountain at this time of year, rescue would be impossible. To this day Lafaille's retreat from Annapurna is considered perhaps the finest self-rescue ever performed in the Himalaya. My reactions are complex, and I find myself actually squirming with conflicting emotions. Meanwhile, advance base camp turned into a four-man ghetto of ill will. 5 or higher on a PC, and Safari on a Mac.
"There's more work to do on Everest this year," Viesturs said, "so Annapurna will have to wait until next year. It just underscores how dangerous it is to attempt these big peaks in winter, particularly when you are climbing solo.
Personally, I had a little trouble, at first, believing that the weather was going to be good enough. Peaks in Nepal as seen from Advanced Base camp.
com, "and it never loses its mystery and beauty even after you've been there six times. Climbers in the Western Cwm. These days, a much wider range of sleeping bags are available, so the avid camper may choose to purchase several.
May 6: Still at base camp, waiting for the weather to clear, Annapurna still shrouded in cloud.
To facilitate that, we added John Armstrong from Malibu as the lead cameraman, Rob Raker from Boulder as the soundman and John Griber from Jackson as the safety coordinator and small camera operator.
The last I saw of him, he was face down and fighting hard as he was swept from my view. He was treated for his burns, and his spine was stabilized for the 18-hour flight to the US.
This job was being done by the icefall "doctors" of course, rather than by the mass of summit hopefuls that were accumulating in base camp.
The American superstar team consolidated their initial narrow lead by sweeping the next three sections of the day but the French always looked dangerous. Viesturs himself was on the mountain at the time of the accident, making another film, the IMAX movie, Everest.
And in the process he's become a mountaineering journalist who has garnered increasing respect in the literary world.
Viesturs himself was on the mountain at the time of the accident, making another film, the IMAX movie, Everest. Witnessing, from ABC, the sad aftermath of a Czech climber's accident on the Lhotse face did not do so much to discourage me, I'll admit. The river is glassy in the dead calm of evening.
Grizzly Encounters   - GreatOutdoors. Having to work and climb at the same time was a challenge, but to be part of the film project made the climbing more interesting. "Most bear fatalities happen to well-armed hunters," he comments, "but the attacks are so fast the victims don't have time to shoulder their rifles.

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