Microsoft Office 2OO7 & Adobe Acrobat 8 for 79$ today Jan 24 03:20:00 MSK 2007

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Středa Leden 24 01:37:32 CET 2007

All programms on speclal from Konrad's hotsoft for 2007.

Microsoft 0ffice 2OO7    79$
Microsoft Vista Ultimate 79$
Adobe Acrobat 8 PR0 	 79$
Windows XP PR0 +SP2 	 49$
Adobe Premiere 2.O 	 59$
Macromedia Studio 8	 99$
Office2OO3 w/Contact Mgr 69$
Quickbooks 2OO6 Premier  69$
Microsoft Money 2OO7     39$
Adobe Photoshop CS2 9.O  69$
Autodesk Autocad 2OO7 	 129$
Corel Grafix Suite X3 	 59$
Adobe Creative Suite CS2 149$
Adobe Illustrator CS2	 59$
Microsoft Office XP PR0  49$
Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 49$
McAfee Internet Sec. 7   29$
Norton Antivirus Corp.   29$

D0WNL0AD lnstantly

Mac Speclals:
Adobe Acrobat PR0 7	 	69$
Adobe After Effects	 	49$
Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium 149$
Ableton Live 5.0.1		49$
Adobe Photoshop CS		49$

mayonnaise, pickles, lettuce, tomato slices, onion, beef patty, 
and refrigerate. Will keep for three days. Yields 1 quart.
and sugar mixture. These are really great with honey.
1/2 cup mayonaise 
Cover and let rise until double 
into a small glass of cold water. If the candy forms a very hard, yet 
1 c  Chopped onion
6. Melt the chocolate chips in a microwave set on high 
and catsup.
1/4 cup Carrots, chopped fine
5. Add the pasta to the large pot of soup. 
2 tablespoons finely chopped chives 
1/3 + 1 tbsp lemon juice
dash Nutmeg
Just heat the chips for 1 minute on high, stir, then heat for
prinkle with the seasoning.
Mix until dough is firm.
Hostess Cupcakes
Tender Roast
Note: Grandma Hattie used beef flank instead of mutton.
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon minced garlic
a frying pan.
1/2 Cup Raisins
Spoon 3 tbs. of beef into the center of each tortilla. Sprinkle on 1/2
2      tablespoons   pepper
n for short times the difference is the second dip it is dip
tablespoon servings. To use mix--Combine mix, mayonnaise,
2 tablespoons water
1 cup prunessalt and pepper
Kraft Thousand Island Dressing
Cover beans with water and refrigerate to soak overnight.  
Lipton's Onion Soup
- Sliced ham on pumpernickel or rye and garnished with vegetable salad.
1 cup milk
Cracker Barrel's Hashbrown Casserole
Sprinkle each dish with Cotija cheese and tortilla strips. 
the remaining six dry ingredients. Dip each piece of chicken
York Peppermint Patties 
Spread 1/2 of the beef mixture on the center of each corn tortilla.
1/2 cup vinegar
DEFROST hashbrowns.
		Copenhagen Sandwich Coolers
1/4 teas. salt
75 drops red food coloring
1 Tbsp. honey
2 teaspoons lemon juice
Put in salt and garlic powder (to taste).
1 package dry yeast
Taco Bell Crispitos
Cut in bite size chunks 
Cracker Jack
Snapple Flavored Ice Teas
Bring to boil. Stir constantly. Add 1 cup packed light brown sugar, 
1 cup fresh spinach, well rinsed and chopped
they are a rich golden brown. Brush with soft butter. 
Serve on the side with chicken. Makes about 2 cups.
For Cranberry:
Soak the onions in the mixture about 30 minutes.
a small bowl, beat the egg and stir in the milk. In a separate bowl,
Bailey's Original Irish Cream
4 egg yolks
1 Small Onion, Chopped
3/4 cup sugar (or 1 16 oz. bottle light corn syrup)
1 cup chili powder 
1 tsp. salt
First core the cabbage and shred the cabbage fine using the
mbined. Then add the seasoning. The last step is to add the
4. Divide the tartar sauce and spread it evenly on each of the top buns. 
1/2  pound         Firm white onions -- sliced
2      Cups          water
1 T Light soy sauce
1 teaspoon MSG
2 Tbsp. chopped fresh cilantro
2 - 10 ounce packages Stouffer's Frozen Welsh Rarebit

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