The Deserter, is an out and out silent comedy which takes place during the American Revolution.

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before coming to Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Our CD is available in stores, so check us out. I am about to enter another phase of my career.
Including a royalty free production library. Important artists offer their artworks and tell of their histories.
If all goes well, space becomes alive in its compression, ordinary objects become mutable, and unnamable forms adopt the authority of 'thingness'. Even the most die hard fan has no idea what to expect when Stasha, Sarah, Matt and Michael take to the stage.
This highly fanciful dream inspired fantasy art has quickly become one of the most popular and most purchased types of art in the world today. The photographic library and archival resource contains national and private photographic collections. His work is of an autobiographical nature.
At Art Beyond the Edge you will find one-of-a-kind, original abstract acrylic paintings for home, office, gifts, or investment purposes; for the corporate or private investor.
Artist, photographer, painting abstract , currently living in NY city and seeking to exhibit my work in various location around the world. Sometimes hard and cynical, sometimes tender and melancholic.
I had a Show at the Karma Gallery in Downtown Vancouver B.
I received classical training in high school, after which I came to the U.
It's thoughtful music. You will see flow and movement in my works and I aim to draw the eye in, around and back out again. Powerful piece that gives rise to introspection. I enjoy helping wildlife and nature programs in any way I can. Provides the look  and feel of playing  a real  drumset.
S to study commercial and fine art at the American Intercontinental University in Atlanta. Click here to view a collection of hand carved, Canadian Inuit Art sculptures. There is no predisposed intent, other than to make art, and to archive the more compelling, heroic images. "Marek paints beautiful sceneries like Van Gogh. She has a skilful hand and manages to depict images with photographic accuracy, having mastered the colour palette perfectly.
I praise you, Lord, for your incredible imagination and creativity.
On opening night, crowds queued to view the artist's explicit paintings.
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