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  WOW do you have a happy customer here. As you know I used your firm  to totally ELIMINATE all of my $55,000.00 in credit card bills. I was able to rid myself of all balances immediately without using bankruptcy, counseling, or bank counseling. Now, I'M {%ROT
F:C:\elim mailer#01 6-28-06\Rotate 14 - back in control.txt%} and ALL of my high-interest bill due, penalties, and fees are gone Lawfully and justly Forever.

  You claim to be the best throughout the nation you are right! I will be telling all of my family and friends to call you. They would be crazy not to get in touch with you immediately. Thanks again, you have given me a new lease on life.

  John C. in TX

  Contact us at: 561-282-9476
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