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him simply say ALSO!  and this  will give him a moments chance  to think ofthe needful word.  In Germany, when  you load your  conversational gun it islways best to throw in a SCHLAG or two and a ZUG or two, because it doesntake any difference how  much the rest of the charge  may  scatter,  you are
breathless interest in a tooth by taking a grip  on it with the forceps, andthen stand there and drawl through a  tedious anecdote  before they give thedreaded jerk. Parentheses in literature and dentistry are in bad taste.
time.  A person  who  has  not  studied German  can form  no idea  of what aperplexing language it is.
verbs. The German grammar is blistered all over with  separable verbs;  andthe  wider the  two portions of one of them are spread apart, the better theauthor  of the crime  is pleased  with his  performance.  A favorite  one isREISTE AB -- which means departed. Here is an example which  I culled from anovel and reduced to English:

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