Mr.Jones mr_jones002 na
Pátek Prosinec 28 12:19:25 CET 2007

Hello My Good Friend,

Season Greeting from Mr.Jones who contacted you long ago, i'm happy  to inform you that I have succeeded in moving those funds out with a new helper from South Korea, whom based on agreement received %30 of the entire money for his financial involvement and efforts.

 I have since embarked on an Electronic Company projects with my share of the money. Meanwhile, I did appreciate your efforts and attempts to help move  the funds even though we couldn't realize it together, meanwhile I kept total of $800.000 bank draft for your compensation.

 Go ahead and write to my Secretary in Republic of Benin. his name is Mr Edwin on (edyll_y2k22 na Fone number as follows: Contact him with the following informations

Your full name:
Your delivery address:
Your phone number:

Please accept it in good faith. Let me know when you get it for us to share the joy.I'm busy here with the investment projects,  I had forwarded instruction to him concerning your bank draft, So he will send the amount to you.

I remain your friend,


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