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Cordelia Robinson roy.winthagen na
Středa Květen 23 17:57:29 CEST 2012

Hi from LA,

We are unfamiliar, I am writing to you only to give possibility to meet with 
young 25 years, pretty, sociable and educated girl from Russian Federation, 
my friend. Mary never was married, not have children and I am sure she 
looking for soulmate now. You will be happy to have such friend as Mary and 
probably your acquaintance will not stop only by friendship. If you are not 
interested, sorry for bother.

Mary enjoys traveling and learn all new. We met with her in Los Angeles, she 
visit US for education of course English. Three months Mary lived together 
with my family in my house. For this time she became for my family as a new 
member of a family... Recently her training was is completed with excellent 
and she returned to Russian Federation. 

I would like for Mary all just better, I 'd like that she met a decent man. 
As I know this summer Mary wanted to travel in Czech and your acquaintance 
will be a nice surprise for her) If you the confident, gallant and kindly 
man you have all chances to get acquainted with Mary. Just send a short 
message with your pictures by email: mary na

Your future in your hands!

With best regards,

The Robinson family from LA

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