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Čtvrtek Listopad 28 23:14:20 CET 1996

Thanks for taking the time to read this message! This is about a lady
that gave all she could to everyone, including me. Her name is Wendy.

	When I was young she became my foster mother after my real
mother had abandon me. Never having any kids of her own she became a
foster parent. That I got to be in her care was probably the best
thing that had ever happened to me. She had other foster children and
even ended up taking care of many of the neighborhood kids.  

	Wendy is a lady that just never gave up and always gave more
than anyone could imagine. I no longer think of my real mother as
mother but rather Wendy as my only true mother. I know that I'm not
the only one that thinks that way either. It wasn't just kids that she
helped it included the elderly, the disabled and the just down and
out.  What it takes to qualify for a saint is something I never found
out, but I know it can't be more than the things I saw this lady do
for anybody.  Even people that had wronged her could find themselves
looking up at her while she helped them when they were down.

	I'm 26 now and many of the things I'm telling you I never
really realized until now.  Since I was a kid she has helped me with
everything from recovering from my mistakes to just being there to say
"You can do it... It'll be okay."  I've never been able to make a good
attempt at trying to repay her for all she's done for me and I'm not
alone.  Many people just have taken for granted the things she's done
for them.  

	I know by now you're asking yourself why I've posted this
letter.  Well, to be honest and straight with you it's because I would
like your help. If there's one thing that I've learned from Wendy it's
that, "We are our neighbors keepers."  You know the golden rule, "Do
onto others as you would have them do onto you." Anyway now Wendy is
an older lady that is disabled and can't do as much as she used to.
With the disability sometimes expenses can be too much. I now live in
Arkansas and can't be of much help. With no real family I'd like to do
something to try to repay all she done for me and many others.

	 That's were you come in.  See if you can think back to
someone that helped you no matter how big or small.  Maybe it's
someone you can't even remember or have lost touch with.  For that
moment picture Wendy and say, "I'd like to repay that kindness."  I
wish you would sit down and write a small note saying "Thanks for
being the generous person that you have been!" If you could include
something to help out.  Maybe it's a five dollar bill, a book of
stamps, even a dollar.  Oh and would you also tell her the Steffin
sends his love.  Her birthday is next month on the 27th and I'm hoping
I can make this own a very memorable one.	

	Thanks for reading and if you choose to help God pless you.
Her address is

Wendy Mcghee 
9636 Elm
Taylor, Mi 48180

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