Slackware 3.1 (chmod a vylamane zuby)

Peter Kundrat kundrat na
Neděle Září 22 02:09:04 CEST 1996

Milan Kerslager writes:
>     cd /dev
>     chmod 666 null zero

> Pouzit chmod +rw null zero nejde. Zrejme je to tim, ze na specialnim 
> zarizeni si chmod vylamal zuby.

:) .. chmod a+rw /dev/{null,zero}  by mu mozno nasadilo chranic zubov .. 

vid man chmod .. 

       A combination of the letters `ugoa' controls which  users'
       access  to  the file will be changed: the user who owns it
       (u), other users in the file's group (g), other users  not
       in  the  file's  group  (o), or all users (a).  If none of
       these are given, the effect is as if `a' were  given,  but
       bits that are set in the umask are not affected.

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