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Milan Zamazal pdm na fi.muni.cz
Pondělí Duben 7 13:46:17 CEST 1997

>>>>> "a" == arnost  <arnost na uivt.cas.cz> writes:

    a: dobry den, snazim se prinutit emacs, aby stahoval postu pomoci
    a: popclientu. prostudoval jsem odpovidajici soubory rmail.el a
    a: zda se, ze to nejak jde. Bohuzel jsem uz nebyl schopen
    a: lousknout jak. Nemate s tim nekdo "nejake" zkusenosti?

Nemusite studovat `rmail.el', staci si precist manual.

  Rmail Files and Inboxes


     Some sites use a method called POP for accessing users' inbox data
  instead of storing the data in inbox files.  `movemail' can work with
  POP if you compile it with the macro `MAIL_USE_POP' defined, and then
  install it setuid to `root'.  It is safe to install `movemail' in this
  way.  Note: `movemail' only works with POP3, not with older versions of

     Assuming you have compiled and installed `movemail' appropriately,
  you can specify a POP inbox with a "file name" of the form
  `po:USERNAME'.  `movemail' handles such a name by opening a connection
  to the POP server.  The `MAILHOST' environment variable specifies the
  machine to look for the server on.

     Accessing mail via POP may require a password.  If the variable
  `rmail-pop-password' is non-`nil', it specifies the password to use for
  POP.  Alternatively, if `rmail-pop-password-required' is non-`nil',
  then Rmail asks you for the password to use.

Milan Zamazal

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