Turning off colors!!

Brian Locascio brian na accesschicago.net
Neděle Duben 13 01:21:45 CEST 1997

Hey Linuxers,

I have been trying for quite some time now to turn off the colors on
ALL ttys on my Linux box.  I am running kernel 1.2.13.

Some of the problems I am having that are associated with the color
displays are as follows:

1) When FTP'ing into my directory (from a Windows FTP-Client such as
WS_FTP), I get nothing but color characters (much like ANSI codes) and
makes ftp impossible!

2) When remote users login via a Windows 95 post-dial terminal window,
they get a whole bunch of color characters (again, much like ANSI
codes) and makes loggin in nearly impossible.

3) Listing directories on my B&W console monitor is nearly impossible
because the light colored file names (yellow & blue) cannot be seen on
the monitor!!

Your help is greatly appreciated!!!

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