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Úterý Duben 22 14:13:53 CEST 1997

V jsem nasel zpravicku, ktera jiste potesi priznivce linuxu
a (casto v jedne osobe) odpurce NT: 

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>Nils Benson ("nils"@maureng.,com) wrote:
>: Christopher P. Handy wrote:
>: > It's been interesting watching the rising popularity of Linux. I've heard
>: > nothing but good things about it. And it's public domain and it's FREE!
>: > I don't recall a public domain OS for PC's that was actually usable
>: > and popular. What if it keeps gaining popularity?
>: > What can Mickeysoft do about this? Or is the genie out of the bottle?
>: 	I truly believe that the only way to destroy M$ is with an OS like
>: Linux. They cannot compete with and OS that's free. Linux has no
>: development overhead, it has no marketing overhead - it 'sells' itself.
>: Now, if a truly talented VAR were to market something .. mainstream so
>: to speak (ie. something an average business user would want) then maybe
>: it could gain some real momentum.
>Maybe the momentum is already there.  During a discussion last night at a
>user group meeting the installed base of Linux and NT were mentioned by one
>of the speakers.
>	Linux	6 million
>	NT	2 million
>I don't know the source, but sure would like to find it.
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Takze az vam nekdo bude tvrdit, ze Linux nema budoucnost a jedine NT, tak
ho muzete klidne necim prastit :-).

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