dselect: parse error

Milan Zamazal pdm na fi.muni.cz
Pondělí Únor 3 11:41:20 CET 1997

`dpkg' should be upgraded firstly every time.  I think this is logical
-- if packaging were backward compatible, it never could add new

Citation from manual:


  This field is like Depends, except that it also forces dpkg to
  complete installation of the packages named before even starting the
  installation of the package which declares the predependency.

  dselect checks for predependencies when it is doing an installation
  run, and will attempt to find the packages which are required to be
  installed first and do so in the right order.

If you have problems with dependencies, you can try to use dpkg's
option `--force-depends'.

If you want to locate some thing like `libdl1', you can use something
like `dpkg -S libdl1' if it is already installed or grep `Packages'
file otherwise.

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