Large qty Panasonic phones for sale

Joe Childs jwchilds na
Čtvrtek Únor 27 03:47:01 CET 1997

Austin Telecom has the following used equipment for sale 
If interested in any or all please repond to
Joe Childs
512 258-2224
jwchilds na

180 KX-T2335 1 line telephone 28#speed dial, redial, hold     
      $6.00 ea
 80  KX-T2365 1 line spkrphone w/LCD 28# speed dial, redial, hold 
      $15.00 ea
136 KX-T3145 2 line spkrphone (older model)
      $10.00 ea						          
 56  KX-T3165 2 line speakerphone 24# speed dial, redial,hold     
      $20.00 ea
 52  KX-T3185 3 line speakerphone w/LCD,24# speed dial, redial,hold

      $60.00 ea
80  KX-T3170	3 line speakerphone(older model w/music on hold input)

     $50.00 ea							
	All phones are tested and guaranteed to work.

	Phones are used and have not been refurbished.

	Cords are not included						
	$100 minimum order						

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