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Pátek Leden 3 09:17:59 CET 1997

Petr Her~man wrote:
> > The worlds smallest linux kernel just got smaller. You can now boot
> > Linux-Lite with floppy,
> > ext2fs, HDD and math emulation on a machine with only 896kB of RAM. Yes,
> > that is just 640kB
> > `normal' memory and 256kB `extended' memory.
> To je to co chodi i na 286 nebo to je neco jinyho?

IMHO Ne.Je to "normalni" Linux,ale s orezanym jadrem.Az na pamet ma
stejne pozadavky .Takze CPU 386 min.

BTW:Ten co by _mel_ chodit na 286 by mel chodit i na 86 nebo ne ?
     ( mel = poradne IMHO nechodi jeste nikde )      

> Petr Herman

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