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Michal Kubecek wrote:
> > BTW:Ten co by _mel_ chodit na 286 by mel chodit i na 86 nebo ne ?
>   To tezko. 286 ma uz protected mode, i kdyz oproti 386 toho umi

Ale no tak ;-). 

 ELKS is a project to build a small kernel subset Linux that can run on
small machines with limited processor and memory resources. The initial
proposed targets are the intel 8086 and maybe the zilog Z80. [Yes Z80
should be possible - probably needing paged memory. Dave Braun's UZI is
proof it can be done]. 

The project state so far: 

     Key goals have been chosen. 
         V7 and as much as possible POSIX compliance 
         Minix file system, as this performs best with small buffer
         Ability to compile both with its own compiler and standard DOS
         Capable of running programs from ROM. 
         8086 combined I/D and split I/D (ie 64K or 64K code + 64K data)
is a hard to avoid but acceptable limit. 
         Initial drivers will be BIOS drivers and real mode. 
         Use a vt52 style console (for size) 
     We now have the 'bcc' GPL'd K&R compiler for minix running on
     A system call library builder has been written. This writes 8086
system call modules from a descriptor file, and in future will also
write the kernel
     side tables and potentially the function stubs. 
     The C library is near enough complete as is emulation and build
environment for testing 
     We have curses, ash and other tools built. 
     The bootloader is working. It loads split I/D minix binaries+setup
off a floppy disk happily. 
     We have task switching/interrupts and a bios console behaving. The
disk driver is now mostly done but has the floppy drive type hard coded. 
     The consoles we have include both a bios console and a raw console
that also supports virtual consoles. 

> mnohem mene - nelze prepnout zpatky do real mode, nema VM86, nema
                                         ^^^^^^^^^  ;-)

> strankovani pameti, fyzicka adresa ma 24 bitu misto 32 a kdovico
> jeste. Nicmene uz to umoznuje vytvorit operacni system vcetne
> spravy procesu. Otazka je, jestli to je dneska k necemu dobre.

pr. GeoWorks je system bezici podobne jako windows (3.1,95 ..) nad
naprosto minimalni HW je XT s caa 512 kB a hercules kartou.
Presto vse aplikace _PRO NEJ_ napsane bezi preemptivne :-)))

>   86 nic takoveho nema; pokud tam aplikace zakaze interrupty a
> spacha nekonecnou smycku (v tom ji nikdo nemuze zabranit),

Muze ;-) ,ale bezelo by to strasne pooooooooomalu. 

BTW:Aplikace vzdy neco "muze".To plati o unixech mebo treba WindowsNT
(rozdil je v tom,ze nekde tomu jde zamezit a jinde ne :)))   

>                                                 Michal Kubecek

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