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=?ISO-8859-2?Q?Hanu=B9_Adler?= wrote:
> Dobry den,
> mam primountovane disky z NT 3.51 pomoci smbmount; vsechno funguje, jen
> dlouha jmena souboru ne. Kdyz se pripojim pomoci smbclient, tak dlouha
> jmena souboru vidim -- takze ted bych chtel prinutit smbmount, aby je
> taky pouzival. Nevite nekdo jak na to?
> Dekuji,

Mozna povolit v jadre:

SMB long filename support (EXPERIMENTAL)
  SMBFS was designed to support long filenames using the LanManager
  2.0 protocol. I had to find out that the support for long filenames
  sometimes causes problems, which can even result in kernel OOPSes. I
  did not yet find out what the problem is, but hopefully I will find
  this bug eventually. As many people seem to run long filenames with
  no problems, I leave this support in the kernel as an option. The 
  careful among you should say N here.

> Hanus Adler

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