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Pátek Leden 31 15:53:29 CET 1997

Robert Drotar (rdro1314 na wrote:

 Potreboval by som doporucit nejaku schopnu UPSku, ktora by vedela
 poslat signal linuxu, sw-pod linux, ktory by tomuto signalu porozumel
 a nemusela by ta UPSka byt velmi draha.

APC napriklad , ale zapojenie kabla je v tomto debianovskom baliku :

dselect - main package listing (avail., priority)    mark:+/=/- verbose:v help:?
EIOM Pri Section  Package      Inst.ver    Avail.ver   Description           
 *** Opt admin    genpower     1.0.1-3     1.0.1-3     Monitor UPS and
handle line power failures

genpower     installed;  install (was: install).  Optional                      

The genpower package is basically a hack of Miquel van Smoorenburg's powerd
daemon, which is distributed in the SysVInit package.  The express aim of
the genpower package is to add additional functionally and a simpler means
of configuring UPS monitoring, in a full featured suite that can be
configured to work with most UPSs featuring an RS232 monitoring port.

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