Jeste k spatne detekci 3C905

Jan Prikryl prikryl na
Pátek Červenec 11 16:19:20 CEST 1997

Dobre den,

pan kolega Ludwig, pokud se pamatuji, se tu zminoval o tom, ze
mu autoprobe karty funguje nejak podivne ... na

jsem nasel nasledujici:

| Some motherboards have a broken PCI BIOS implementation that doesn't
| actually map the card to the reported I/O address. This problem
| affects most OSes as well as the 3Com setup program for MS-DOS. 
| The work-around is to disable "Plug-and-Play" in the BIOS setup.
| Some Micron motherboards use a fixed PCI slot to IRQ mapping. If you 
| encounter an IRQ conflict, evidenced by an EAGAIN error when opening
| the interface, physically move the card to a different PCI slot. 
| Typically the "shared" PCI/EISA position has a non-shared IRQ. 

Snad to pomuze.

-- JP

               Jan Prikryl <prikryl na>
         Institute of Computer Graphics and Visualisation
             Vienna University of Technology, Austria

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