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Pondělí Březen 3 01:38:07 CET 1997

Can anybody help me? Our school has recently got a Linux server, and we
are all telneting in with the intranet. Because of this, a lot of email
is sent. Does anyone who knows the program procmail know how to create a
.procmailrc file that will take all mail that incoming with two
particular words next to each other (Yes, MP-You know what this means
;)) and do the folowing to it:
1)It will 'bounce' the message back to the sender, in properly quoted
form, with >s at the begining of each line.
2)In this message, it will put the text 'Go away. You are not wanted' at
the begining, and
3)It will redirect the originall mail that came in to /dev/null. Can
anyone help?
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