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Toto je informace o Linux Consultants HOWTO, ktere maintainuje
Martin Michlmayr, muj virtualni znamy a spolumaintainer web-site Linux
International ( On me pozadal, abych to tady
Nathan L. Cutler
Linux Enthusiast
My name is Martin Michlmayr and I am the maintainer of the Linux
Consultants HOWTO.

If you are a company or individual providing commercial Linux related
support, you are hereby invited to join the Linux Consultants HOWTO, a
listing of such companies.

All you have to do is to fill out the template enclosed below and
send a copy to tbm na for incorporation into the HOWTO.

For sample entries, feel free to take a look at the Consultants HOWTO

Kind regards,

Contact (Name of contact person): 
Type of support (e.g. phone, EMail, fax, remote network
        administration, inhouse, onsite):
Expertise (e.g. installation, programming services, system
        administration, Internet and Intranet connectivity,
        firewall installation, troubleshooting, training): 
Sample prices (please specify currency): 

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