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Neděle Březen 16 14:26:58 CET 1997

Zdravim pratele Emacsu,

potreboval bych vedet, jak donutit Emacs, aby se klavesa <TAB> chovala
jako <TAB>. Mackat C-q <tab> mne nebavi...

Nasel jsem v /usr/src/linux/Documentation/CodingStyle tohle:
make a good program). 

So, you can either get rid of GNU emacs, or change it to use saner
values.  To do the latter, you can stick the following in your .emacs file:

(defun linux-c-mode ()
  "C mode with adjusted defaults for use with the Linux kernel."
  (setq c-indent-level 8)
  (setq c-brace-imaginary-offset 0)
  (setq c-brace-offset -8)
  (setq c-argdecl-indent 8)
  (setq c-label-offset -8)
  (setq c-continued-statement-offset 8)
  (setq indent-tabs-mode nil)
  (setq tab-width 8))

This will define the M-x linux-c-mode command.  When hacking on a
module, if you put the string -*- linux-c -*- somewhere on the first
two lines, this mode will be automatically invoked. Also, you may want
to add

Lec mi to nejede. Poradite? Diky.

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