Linux 2.0.31 (fwd)

Pavel JANIK ml. pjanik na
Sobota Říjen 18 14:49:07 CEST 1997

Linus se konecne vratil z Evropy a je tu nove stabilni (2.0.31) i nestabilni
(2.1.59) jadro.

Jeste dnes se pokusim rozsirit LSD o nove verze.

----- Forwarded message from Linus Torvalds -----

Ok, enought beating about the bush, it's up there now.

Linux-2.0.31 is available at

both as full source and as a huge patch against pristine 2.0.30. You don't
want the patch, but it's there for completeness.

The people who have been testing out pre-patches (thanks to you all) can
find a patch against p10 in pub/linux/kernel/testing, it's pretty small. 
I promised patches from p9 too, and yes, it's there, but you have to apply
it in a two-stage process, getting the p9-p10 patch and then the p10-real

If there are problems, I don't even want to know. 


----- End of forwarded message from Linus Torvalds -----

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