Caldera Releases NetWare for Linux 1.0 (fwd)

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Company Press Release

SOURCE: Caldera, Inc.

Caldera Releases NetWare For Linux 1.0

OREM, Utah, July 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Caldera(R), Inc. today announced the
release of NetWare(R) for Linux 1.0. Caldera NetWare
for Linux provides NetWare file, print and directory services ready to run
(native) on a Linux distribution. With NetWare for Linux,
Caldera brings the most-widely used networking operating system to Linux
with full client support and integrated administration utilities.
NetWare for Linux is a component of the Caldera Small Business Server
scheduled for release later this year. 

``As a non-dedicated solution, NetWare for Linux runs NetWare file and
print, NDS, an Internet server, and popular Unix applications
on a single server,'' said Ransom Love, general manager of the OpenLinux
division at Caldera, Inc. ``NetWare for Linux enables
NetWare users to embrace a highly-scalable, cost-effective Internet and
application server platform while maximizing their hardware
and software investments.'' 

     Features of NetWare for Linux include: 
     NetWare 4.10b compatible file services 
     Compatibility with NetWare clients for Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 95, 

Windows 3.1, DOS, Linux, Macintosh, and UnixWare 

     Ability to forward NetWare print jobs to Linux hosted printers 
     Linux NetWare client 
     Fully capable NDS server 
     2.0.35 Linux kernel updates (including streams) 

A NetWare for Linux three-user version is now available for download at no
cost from the Caldera Web site
( Bump packs can be purchased in
user license increments of 1 ($95), 5 ($450), 25 ($1,875),
or 50 ($2,750). A $59 two-CD jewel case version offering a complete
NetWare solution including NetWare for Linux, NetWare utilities
and OpenLinux Lite 1.2 will be available mid-August. 

On-line documentation is available for download at no cost from Caldera's
FTP site and Web site. For peer support contact the
caldera-netware na mailing list. In addition, customers may
purchase support from Caldera at $200 per incident. Additional
documentation, training and support for this product are not available at
this time. As part of the Small Business Server product, full
support options will be available later this year. 

To place orders or for more information, visit the Caldera OpenStore at or contact Caldera at 1-888-GO-LINUX or
(801) 765-4888. 

Caldera(R),Inc. develops and markets a line of operating system and
networking technologies, including OpenLinux(R), DR-DOS(R)
and DR-WebSpyder(TM). OpenLinux is a highly reliable, fully tested and
supported Linux distribution that integrates networks and
extends them to the Internet/ Intranet, remote site or remote user. DR-DOS
and DR-WebSpyder provide OEMs with low-memory,
low-cost requirement, x86-based solutions that connect to the Internet,
Intranet services and networks. Caldera was founded by Bryan
Sparks in 1994 as a start-up venture funded by Ray Noorda, former CEO of
Novell(R),Inc. Based in Orem, Utah, the company has
offices in England, Germany, and Taiwan. Visit Caldera at
or send E-mail to info na Inside the U.S. call
Caldera at (888) GO-DR-DOS [463-7367], (888) GO-LINUX [465- 4689], outside
the U.S call (801) 765-4888. 

Caldera is a registered trademark; and OpenLinux, DR-DOS, DR-WebSpyder,
DR-System Builder Kit and DR-SBK are trademarks
of Caldera(R), Inc. All other products, services, companies and
publications are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective

SOURCE: Caldera, Inc.

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