OFFTOPIC: DOOM as an administrative tool

Tomas Valusek tvalusek na
Čtvrtek Říjen 21 22:54:25 CEST 1999

Dobry den,

dneska mi ve WinInfu prisla tahle zajimava noticka:

> THIS ONE IS too funny: An enterprising Linux hacker has designed a version
> of DOOM where the enemies in a room are monsters from the game. Want to
> a process? No problem, just shoot the monster!  Best quote: "Certain
> processes are vital to the computer's operation and should not be killed.
> For example, after I took the screenshot of myself being attacked by csh
> [the command shell], csh was shot by friendly fire from behind, possibly
> tcsh or xv, and my session was abruptly terminated." LOL. Check it out now
> at:

Tomas Valusek

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